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The availability of a specialist turnkey management service covering all aspects of cable supply, from initial review of specifications and procurement through to the actual delivery of cable to site with appropriate documentation has been a significant competitive advantage in the market-place and this has enabled the company to develop close relationships with majors operators and contractors.


In the future, the scenario for development demands new approaches by operators, contractors and suppliers alike. DIMOULAS Special Cables believe they have the competence, technical resources and commitment to meet these new challenges and to continue to satisfy the requirements of the clients in the years ahead.

DIMOULAS Special Cables S.A., is an ISO 9001, A.M. 9001 20 100 9836 certified company.

DIMOULAS Special Cables is the market leader in the supply of special cables to the Greek market. The company covers the demand for any type of cable from data cables for computer networks to power and instrumentation cables for the oil, gas,

petrochemical and energy related industry.


Meeting customer needs quickly, efficiently and competitively is the strength behind DIMOULAS SPECIAL CABLES, with each and every aspect of the company’s operations and staff committed to that single aim.

All sales personnel have expert knowledge of special cables and the experience to recommend cables which meet all criteria of specification and performance, whilst also ensuring that no matter the requirement, whether for a stock length or a major project, a cost effective solution to the customer’s needs is provided.