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Resellers Training

The annual resellers training coordinated by DIMOULAS S.A. and Allied Telesis has been successfully completed on 24-11-2010 in our facilities.  

On Wednesday 24/11/2010 the annual resellers training has been succesfully completed. Participants, except the new Allied telesis product portfolio had the chance to discuss about:


-The STAR PARTNER PROGRAM where our partners may enjoy the following benefits:


Direct access to Allied Telesis' innovative solution, product, and service portfolio including access to Partner Portal, competitive information, promotions, webinars, Adventure-Based Learning, co-branding, promotional goods, demo equipment discounts & printed brochures ... and many more.


-Solution Presentation including:


Solutions for Healthcare

IP Surveillance Solutions

Security Solutions and Data Centers (NAC, Virtualization, 10G, VCStacking)

Resilient Networking (EPSR, VCStacking & LAG)

Smart Wireless Networking (Extricom)

Green Networking and Eco Friendly products.